Touch screen technology is changing everything. The touch screen may be one of the biggest electronic inventions of this decade. There are simply so many unbelievable and innovative uses that still have yet to realized for this ground breaking technology that only time will tell where the limits for its uses are. Yes, it has been around for a while, years actually. However, there are new uses and new ways to integrate the touch screen technology into our daily lives being instituted each and every day. It is amazing what this technology can do and many people are still not using it. This will be sure to change as the price of these displays drop, there will be many more manufacturers adding touch displays to almost every digital device you can think of.

So What Is Touch Screen Technology?

In the past there has been many attempts to make a functional and durable touch screen. Most of the old screens were based on the pressure of the touch and this was a terrible design flaw. Yes many devices came out with this technology and some were pretty good in concept, however the simple fact that you had to apply pressure means that the screens were not solid, they were maid of a “soft” material that was easily damaged. Now the new touch screens that we have been seeing on cell phones and other digital devices since the HTC Chocolate many years ago, do not depend on a flexible surface to recognize contact on the screen.

Flexible Touch Screens Will Change Everything

The next stage of technology that is already being tested is the OLED screen that is also flexible. There are many prototypes that have been seen around the internet from Nokia and some other cell phone manufacturers, but the only working model has been produced by Sony. There are videos of their flexible touchscreen and you can see it being rolled up and unrolled as the video on the screen still plays. These will make the new cell phones really interesting. Can you imagine a cell phone with a roll out screen?

Future Of Touch Screen Technology

The future is bright, that is for sure. Since many people have yet to take full advantage of the touchscreen technology that is already available today, tomorrows technologies will be sure to really open some eyes. Once the cost of OLED displays begins to drop these screen will be sure to start rolling out on more mobile devices. There is also a lot of talk about moving the touch surface to the back of phones and other digital devices. This will be interesting to see too!