New Google ChromeOS updates cause 100{394cb916d3e8c50723a7ff83328825b5c7d74cb046532de54bc18278d633572f} CPU usage, could set you on fire

ChromeOS customers are reporting that a new collection of updates which induce a Google Engage in Keep services to make use of a hundred p.c of their CPUs is generating their devices very hot and top to functionality problems.

As documented by BleepingComputer, right after upgrading their devices to ChromeOS variation eighty five..4183.108 and later customers have confronted a number of problems like applications that are managing erratically, devices having very hot, enthusiasts managing at higher pace and batteries draining a lot as well immediately.

On investigating these problems even more, customers learned that they have been caused by the Google Engage in ‘’ utilizing ninety five to a hundred p.c of their devices CPU for an extended period. 

This services is utilized to obtain new updates from the Google Engage in Keep when they turn out to be available. On the other hand, a bug in the services will cause the CPU to run at a hundred p.c energy all of the time even when a new update is not available.

ChromeOS update problems

The bug located in the Google Engage in retail store services does not affect all Chromebooks however customers of Acer Chromebooks, the ASUS Chromebook Flip and Galaxy Chromebooks have documented suffering from challenges right after updating their devices.

Consumers have appear up with their very own ways to take care of this concern from killing the method in the Chrome Job Manager to rolling back to an more mature Google Engage in Keep variation.

Google is now mindful of this concern and one particular of the firm’s engineer described in a bug report that it is becoming caused by missing data files in ChromeOS.

The concern will most likely be patched in an upcoming update but for now, customers can try out disabling the services method in the Chrome Job Manager however this has not worked for all customers or rolling back to an more mature variation of the Engage in Keep.

Through BleepingComputer

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