Nasty new malware abuses Windows containers to breach cloud environments

Victoria D. Doty

Cybersecurity researchers have shared facts about a “very first-of-its-kind” malware developed specifically to focus on Kubernetes clusters working atop Home windows.

Scientists at Unit forty two, the risk intelligence group at Palo Alto Networks, have named the malware Siloscape, since its most important intention is to escape Home windows containers.

“Siloscape is closely obfuscated malware targeting Kubernetes clusters by means of Home windows containers. Its most important intent is to open up a backdoor into poorly configured Kubernetes clusters in purchase to run malicious containers,” reported Unit forty two, in its detailed investigation of the malware.

The researchers managed to access the malware’s command and management (C2) server, which unveiled that it has managed to compromise about two dozen victims, which the malware is actively abusing. 

Intense malware

Cloud malware isn’t new, particularly given the increase of cloud computing. Nonetheless, the Unit forty two researchers feel what tends to make Siloscape extra unsafe than other folks is that it opens a backdoor that can be made use of for all types of malicious activities.

They argue that compromising an complete cluster is a ton extra significant than compromising an specific container, since a cluster ordinarily runs a number of cloud purposes

For instance, ransomware authors could leverage Siloscape to acquire more than all files hosted inside of a cluster.

Furthermore, since a lot of businesses use Kubernetes clusters as their improvement and testing environments, the researchers warned that Siloscape could even be made use of to orchestrate supply chain campaigns.

“Siloscape demonstrates us the great importance of container security, as the malware would not be in a position to induce any substantial destruction if not for the container escape. It is crucial that businesses preserve a very well-configured and secured cloud setting to defend versus this sort of threats,” the researchers conclude.

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