‘Microchipped’ Monkey plays Pong with its Brain

Victoria D. Doty

Neuralink has shown a video clip recording displaying monkey that plays computer activity utilizing just its brain, as a result of an implanted microchip.

The firm behind this experiment – Neuralink – was co-launched by Elon Musk, who is regarded for his plans “to put computer in your brain”. The firm at this time aims to create a wireless implantable microchip for looking through electrical signals from the brain. This kind of enhancement could definitely be pretty practical in running many neurological ailments, including dementia and brain or spinal cord accidents.

In truth, this kind of microchip could open up doorways to a broad spectrum of actual-globe programs limited only by our creativity. This is clearly shown by the most recent video clip from Neuralink, where by a monkey plays activity of Pong. The very first part of the experiment demonstrates how monkey works by using a joystick, but listed here this device is utilized for calibration needs only. The brain-controlled action begins from two:fifteen.