Is Noom Really All That Different From Other Diets? Here’s What the Experts Say

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When Jennifer Teplicki, 34, downloaded Noom, the 1st weight loss app she’s ever experimented with, a notification popped up on its carrot-colored person interface. It requested her to choose her sex, height, existing weight, goal weight, and whether she would like to reduce weight rabbit-design and style (as rapidly as […]

When Jennifer Teplicki, 34, downloaded Noom, the 1st weight loss app she’s ever experimented with, a notification popped up on its carrot-colored person interface. It requested her to choose her sex, height, existing weight, goal weight, and whether she would like to reduce weight rabbit-design and style (as rapidly as feasible) or at turtle-speed (bit by bit but certainly).

Immediately after she clicked on the rabbit, the app requested if any recent life situations led to her weight achieve (she chalked up the further pounds to “stress and psychological health”). A collection of inquiries also requested whether she cooks or dines out extra (she selected, “home cooking”), and how inspired she felt to get started the weight loss procedure (she answered, “I’m ready”). Once Noom set her every day calorie consumption to 1,two hundred energy — the minimum price range allowed for ladies —Teplicki diligently recorded every single food she ate in the app’s meals tracking characteristic and chatted with a virtual nourishment mentor every single 7 days. From January to August 2020, Teplicki dropped eighty five pounds. 

What Is Noom?

Teplicki is not by yourself in her journey. Given that its launch in 2016, the Noom app has been downloaded fifty million situations. In 2021, the company’s earnings ballooned to $237 million — quadrupling from $12 million in 2017. Artem Petakov, the app’s president and co-founder, was even included in Fortune magazine’s 40 Beneath 40 lineup in 2020.

Although weight loss apps are not new, Noom expenses alone as a way of living transforming plan — not just a eating plan. Its web site expenses it as the “very last weight-loss plan you will ever need.” The app incorporates a cognitive-behavioral remedy (CBT) approach to weight-loss, a psychological approach centered on recognizing self-defeating ideas and behaviors and replacing them with healthful coping strategies.  

Noom calculates a every day suggested caloric consumption for every person based on the information they offer. The app consists of an interactive diary for customers to keep track of their weight, keep an eye on every day ingesting behaviors, and chat with nourishment coaches (genuine people today but not registered dietitians). For dieters wanting for moral aid, Noom features access to a group of other “Noomers” as a result of the app. It has also motivated countless on-line communities, together with the “Noom Doing the job Moms” and “NoomNerds” Facebook teams. Downloading Noom is free, but its regular monthly membership strategy expenses $59.ninety nine, building it a tad pricier than the Excess weight Watchers app, its principal competitor.

Dishing up Help

Crystalinda Buebe, thirty, suggests the app served her come to be extra aware and mindful of her ingesting behaviors, primarily the every day CBT-based articles or blog posts and quizzes necessary to Noom. In advance of setting up Noom, Buebe endured from disordered ingesting for decades, in which her every day caloric consumption fluctuated from 6,000 energy on binge ingesting times to 600 on restrictive times.

“Noom articles or blog posts often reference ‘the elephant and the rider,’” suggests Buebe. The latter is the rational aspect of our brains, and the previous is the emotional 1. The app gives you various tips on how to improved regulate the ‘elephant’ that tells you you’re not fantastic ample and stops your weight-loss.”

Everyday weigh-ins and meals logging have been the most tough areas about Noom, Buebe suggests. Noom categorizes the users’ food logs into a colour method — environmentally friendly, yellow, and red — based on their calorie density and concentration of vitamins. Eco-friendly-lighted food items like broccoli are the least calorie-dense and best in vitamins. Purple food items, this sort of as fatty fish and deserts, are either calorie-major or considerably less wholesome. Lean meats and minimal-extra fat dairy are filed less than the yellow zone, and they really should be eaten in moderation. 

What can you eat on Noom graphic

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In accordance to Noom, no meals is off-boundaries, but some industry experts have expressed concerns about its visitors mild classification. Bonnie Taub-Dix, a nutritionist, creator of, and writer of Read through It In advance of You Take in It: Getting You from Label to Desk suggests that Noom’s labeling of healthful food items like salmon, dry fruits and nuts as red, gives dieters the mistaken perception that they should not take in them at all.  

“Almonds are an superb resource of biotin, vitamin E and magnesium,” Taub-Dix suggests. “I really don’t feel they really should go on this record, but it would seem that Noom is adhering to the old basic principle [that] fats are not fantastic for you.”

Abbey Sharp, a registered dietitian and YouTuber at Abbey’s Kitchen area, suggests Noom is no various than any other calorie-driven eating plan. “[The app’s] approach to psychology is just a several token tips, but the crux of this eating plan is exclusively based on restricting meals classes,” Sharp suggests.

Having said that, Teplicki sees the colour-coding method as extra of a recommendation. “Some times you feed the entire body and some times you feed the soul,” Teplicki suggests. “I’m from New York City and a pizza evening every single 7 days is sacred to me, I’m having it no subject what. But I use Noom to determine how it fits into my every day calorie consumption, so I really don’t stop up overeating.”

The important to weight loss, however, is not in any specific eating plan, suggests Taub-Dix. Alternatively, it is about investing time into building a sustainable nourishment strategy that works for your character and way of living. What you want to stay clear of is staying a “hummingbird dieter” — an individual who switches from 1 dieting trend to a different and gives up also simply. 

“The phrase ‘diet’ implies a way of life, not a weight of life. The crucial section is learning how to worth and just take care of yourself extended-expression. Eating very well and nourishing not just your entire body but your head also, allows you live a improved life, bodily and emotionally,” she suggests.

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