How to Resell Web Hosting on a Virtual Private Server?

Victoria D. Doty
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Reseller Hosting is one of the most lucrative business options to consider these days. All the new companies, start-ups, and institutions coming up these days are looking for online presence. Content is the king, and the first step for a business to succeed is making a good content strategy. All this will go on a website or any promotional blog for that matter. And, every one of this starts with a fundamental requirement of an excellent hosting. 

You can start slow, with fewer resources and bandwidth, and then target a bigger audience. You start big or small, one thing that matters in any business is quality service. Therefore, we recommend you to understand the business requirements well, and then jump into it. There are many hosting providers out there that will help them with their requirements.

This was a small introduction to your reselling business. For setting up your Reseller Hosting business, you may either get a reseller account from a big hosting company, or get a Dedicated Server, or you can get a Virtual Private Server and sell custom virtual spaces to your customers. 

If you are wondering about how to resell web hosting on a VPS, go through the following how-to guide for some assistance:

  1. Choose the right host

Going for reseller business means offering the best services to your client. If you want to stand out in this saturated world of hosting business, quality is the only solution to it. Therefore, make sure you have a reliable VPS Hosting provider.

  1. Setup the packages

Once you have chosen the right web hosting package, make sure you set the packages according to the user requirements. You can buy a Virtual Server Web Hosting and then form packages to do so and price them according to the bandwidth, resources, and other functions you defined for the respective package. 

  1. Create cPanel 

Once you set up the package, you will have to create a cPanel account that will act as a master account. This account will have all the privileges about allocating or using the bandwidth, resources, memory, and so on. If you are the one handling this cPanel account, you will have the privilege to assign resources to the master as to how much is needed. This is important because you might not need the entire bandwidth at the start of your business, it will eventually grow, and you have to scale the resources accordingly.

Benefits of using VPS 

Reselling Web Hosting through VPS has many benefits. 

  1. One of the first ones to cross your minds should be the advantage of scalability. If you have a business that is growing and requires more resources than yesterday or a week prior, you can scale the resources accordingly and efficiently.
  2. VPS Hosting comes with a Web Host Manager (WHM) that helps not only to maintain and administer your site but also to reselling web hosting. 

VPS Hosting works for reselling businesses that are already established or growing big day by day. 

In a nutshell…

VPS Hosting providers are many in the market but choose the one which will take care of your reselling requirements. Also, the whole web hosting scenario is getting competitive and saturated as a whole. If you want to make it big in this business, using VPS Hosting to resell web hosting can be a good move. That is because VPS offers the best of both worlds, scalability, efficient use of resources, and, most importantly, the security required to maintain the quality of the website and secure the information.

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