How to Explain AI, ML, and NLP to Business Leaders in Plain Language

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Your means to demonstrate artificial intelligence and its elements to company leaders could suggest the variance involving acceptance and resistance. Here is how to do it. When I visit with non-IT company executives and inquire them about artificial intelligence (AI), equipment finding out (ML) and purely natural language processing (NLP), […]

Your means to demonstrate artificial intelligence and its elements to company leaders could suggest the variance involving acceptance and resistance. Here is how to do it.

When I visit with non-IT company executives and inquire them about artificial intelligence (AI), equipment finding out (ML) and purely natural language processing (NLP), they explain to me that they have initiatives underway. But they never particularly know what AI, ML, and NLP are.

Trying to demonstrate what AI, ML, and NLP are, how they do the job, and how they produce final results for the company is not easy. Yet, all of these technologies have popular roles in analytics as IT deploys them. It is incumbent on CIOs and IT leaders to locate ways to crack down these technologies and their company deliverables in plain language for non-specialized stakeholders.

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How do you locate easy ways to demonstrate these technologies, how they do the job with each other, and why it helps make company feeling to use them?

In this article are some plain language explanations that could verify handy.


AI is a computer procedure that can complete jobs that were formerly done by individuals. It works in contexts where by the jobs are repetitive, and where by the details to be reviewed is huge and would take lots of human gentleman-hrs to approach and digest. AI operates based on human-defined procedures and know-how programmed into it in the type of programmable logic and algorithms. AI are not able to complete very well outdoors of the procedures that are defined for it the way that imaginative human reasoning can. That is for the reason that AI strictly follows company procedures that people and industry experts method into it.

In company applications, AI is most effective suited for highly personalized precise use conditions where by human industry experts define very clear sets of company procedures.

A key instance is a health-related diagnosis procedure that can pore by way of terabytes of details contained in health-related journals, diagnosis histories, and other details sources. The AI application critiques all of this details in a portion of the time that it would take a human to do. Then the AI offers 4 or 5 achievable diagnoses for an elusive health-related ailment to a medical doctor, who then makes use of his or her individual skilled judgement, in live performance with collaborative discussions with other industry experts, to make the final diagnosis.

AI can also be utilized to forecast weather conditions styles based on weather conditions record, to develop the most optimum journey routes for logistics carriers, or to forecast what e-commerce internet site people are most likely to acquire next, based on their past getting styles and what they’ve browsed on the internet site.

A majority of businesses start out their AI deployments by utilizing AI for analytics. As businesses attain a lot more working experience, they seek out to “coach” their AI by introducing equipment finding out, which is a sub-group of AI that permits the AI to attain further insights into details on its individual by recognizing recurrent pattens of details and then drawing conclusions (and “finding out”) from these conclusions.


Machine finding out is a sub-group of AI that permits an AI procedure to find out and adapt to new details and gatherings so the AI can turn out to be “smarter.” The ML ingredient of AI learns by observing repetitive details styles, and then making use of a set of algorithms and logic made by human industry experts that allow it to make selections based on the repetitive details styles it is observing.

An instance in a logistics circumstance is a recurrent pattern at a distinct highway intersection where by there are often targeted traffic delays. If the sequence continues to recur, the ML ingredient of the AI is likely to detect the pattern and to conclude that it is much better to reroute targeted traffic one more way so that the occupied intersection can be averted.


Like equipment finding out, purely natural language processing is also a sub-group of artificial intelligence. NLP is utilized to understand, interpret, and manipulate human language.

An instance of this is SIRI on an Iphone. The SIRI NLP ingredient of AI is equipped to understand your human voice command and respond in type in the identical language.

Other NLP examples include automated telephone and chat programs that understand human languages and perform automated discussions with you, or a household safety procedure that recognizes and responds to human voice commands 

NLP with each other with AI’s ordinary details processing and analytics is capable of automating several company procedures that involve the looking at, talking, and writing of language.

Bringing it all with each other

Whilst at initial look lots of of these AI, ML, and NLP discussions could possibly seem to be extremely simplistic to IT specialists who are utilized to conversing in acronyms and specialized abstractions, discussions like these can be instrumental in gaining and retaining govt, board, and close-person support for AI, ML, and NLP tasks.

Most importantly, plain language discussions that connection the know-how to the company are vital for eradicating the emotions that lots of company executives and close people have about AI, ML, and NLP becoming mysterious “black containers.”

“A ton of senior executives and company leaders nowadays are practically desperate to understand how AI may impact their businesses,” stated Thomas W. Malone, director of the MIT Middle for Collective Intelligence. “I assume leaders are increasingly worried in lots of conditions that if they don’t determine out how to use AI efficiently, they’ll be still left driving.”

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