Fluent: An AI Augmented Writing Tool for People who Stutter

Victoria D. Doty

Stuttering is a ailment that negatively has an effect on private and expert lifestyle. One of the factors which may impression the chance of stuttering is phonological patterns. Some words are far more vulnerable to lead to stuttering than other folks, and persons who stutter (PWS) can determine which words they might struggle with and then imagine of a way to control.

Current breakthroughs in AI, this sort of as phonetic embeddings, can help to simplify these procedures.

Writing. Image credit: StockSnap via Pixabay, CC0 Public Domain

Composing. Impression credit score: StockSnap by means of Pixabay, CC0 General public Domain

Hence, a current paper offers a novel device-in-the-loop composing device for aiding PWS with composing scripts, which lower the selection of stuttering gatherings. The scientists propose a novel strategy to determine words an particular person might struggle to pronounce.

For each individual of this sort of words, the device provides a set of possibilities that have identical meaning but might be less complicated to pronounce. The person feed-back can help to present better-customized help over time.

Stuttering is a speech ailment which impacts the private and expert lives of hundreds of thousands of persons all over the world. To preserve themselves from stigma and discrimination, persons who stutter (PWS) may undertake diverse tactics to conceal their stuttering. One of the common tactics is word substitution the place an particular person avoids declaring a word they might stutter on and use an alternative in its place. This method by itself can lead to strain and add far more burden. In this do the job, we existing Fluent, an AI augmented composing device which assists PWS in composing scripts which they can communicate far more fluently. Fluent embodies a novel active understanding dependent strategy of determining words an particular person might struggle announcing. These types of words are highlighted in the interface. On hovering over any this sort of word, Fluent offers a set of alternative words which have identical meaning but are less complicated to communicate. The person is free to accept or dismiss these solutions. Based on this sort of person interaction (feed-back), Fluent consistently evolves its classifier to better match the customized requirements of each individual person. We evaluated our device by measuring its capacity to determine difficult words for 10 simulated people. We identified that our device can determine difficult words with a suggest precision of over eighty% in less than 20 interactions and it retains increasing with far more feed-back. Our device can be helpful for specific essential lifestyle cases like giving a talk, presentation, and so on. The resource code for this device has been created publicly accessible at this http URL.

Research paper: Ghai, B. and Mueller, K., “Fluent: An AI Augmented Composing Tool for Persons who Stutter”, 2021. Backlink: https://arxiv.org/stomach muscles/2108.09918

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