Audio-Technica AT-LP60X review: Budding vinyl enthusiasts start here

Victoria D. Doty

Records can make good wall artwork, which is the purpose some persons acquire them, but there is certainly a good way to free of charge the audio in just the sleeves without paying a bundle. The Audio-Technica AT-LP60X is a spending budget history participant which presents a bunch of excellent characteristics and remarkably great functionality. It’s ideal for persons who just want a turntable without getting to feel way too tricky.


  • Affordable however remarkably attribute-rich
  • Uncomplicated to set up and use
  • Preference of line stage or phono output
  • Warm, bass rich seem quality

You should not Like

  • Plastic development
  • Other turntables offer a lot more element

Even with its cost-effective $120 selling price this is no low-priced, suitcase-shaped toy but a stereo ingredient which will work well with techniques from $one hundred to $one thousand and up. The AT-LP60X is super-easy to established up and just as easy to use. Certain it’s made from plastic and it does not offer Bluetooth or even a headphone out, but it does what it wants to well: participate in documents. 

Whether or not you’re seeking to resurrect a spouse and children member’s previous history assortment or acquiring a start off in the hi-fi pastime the Audio-Technica AT-LP60X presents a powerful blend of characteristics and functionality for the dollars.

Thrust the button 


Ty Pendlebury/CNET

Guide turntables like the Pro-Ject T1 and the Fluance RT82 are good, but they can be a bit intimidating for the first-time vinyl operator. The The Audio-Technica AT-LP60X is built to decreased the learning curve by presenting automatic operation, while you can use it in manual manner if you want.

What does an automatic turntable do? It lets you simply press buttons to participate in documents, without getting to lift the tonearm by hand. The LP60X has four buttons — participate in, end, speed (33 1/3/forty five rpm) and tonearm up/down — that make it possible for it participate in again both equally singles (7-inches) and albums (twelve-inches) with relieve.

As you could hope at this selling price stage the buttons will not truly feel super-slick, as a substitute they simply click in a way that reminds me of previous Sony Walkman controls. When I press the participate in button there is certainly a definite “clunk” as the turntable activates the tonearm and swings it into posture.

The “hardest” matter to recall when employing this turntable is selecting the suitable history dimension with the plinth-mounted lever, while this is only an situation an if you change amongst 45s and LPs on a regular basis. If you very own a bunch of ten-inch documents or anything else out of the normal, you can always go the stylus to where by you want it by grabbing the finger rest — the history will start off spinning when you lift. You can press the tonearm lift button to hold it suspended at the start off of a track, if want to do some yard DJing for instance, and then press it yet again to participate in. 


The LP60X characteristics push-button operation.

Ty Pendlebury/CNET

The participant is scarcely the dimension of an LP in a plastic sleeve at 14.15 inches extensive by 14.7 inches deep (and 3.84 inches high), so you shouldn’t have any difficulty obtaining a sideboard or Ikea storage unit to in good shape it. The Audio-Technica will come in a decision of four shades: crimson, black, white and silver.

You will find just a single output — a 3.5mm jack, which is strange — but an incorporated adapter can change it to the a lot more conventional stereo RCA cable. The system is switched to Line stage by default, so if you want to incorporate your very own phono preamp you pick Phono by using a change at the again.

Setup was a lot easier than any other turntable I remember. Basically set the platter on the spindle, connect the generate belt and you’re great to go. 

Plastic, but not a toy

There are loads of other $one hundred history players that a lot more conveniently qualify as toylike, such as the Crosley 3-inch history participant (or almost anything by Crosley, seriously). One particular matter I quickly located out about the LP60X is that it does not seem like a kid’s plaything.  

If there is certainly a single cliché which is tricky to shake it’s that documents are “warmer” than electronic files. Which is partly owing to the medium itself — secondhand documents in certain can be quite worn — but the history participant and stylus can participate in a portion way too. Of study course I have read turntable setups that seem just as insightful and comprehensive as a hi-res file, but they’re not low-priced. 

When you pick out a spending budget turntable you’re likely not seeking for transparency or soundstage, you just want to dance or hang out in your pajamas. The Audio-Technica AT-LP60X is not the most comprehensive history participant I have read, but it presents excellent mid-assortment and bass response for the selling price of a wonderful night time out.


Ty Pendlebury/CNET

I appreciated a bunch of distinctive recordings on the Audio-Technica but it’s weighty bass response worked very best with harder kinds like rock and dance. It was capable to dig out the bottom couple of registers of Gorillaz’s self titled history with relieve, for occasion. Listening to XTC’s Soften The Guns, the aggressive Victrola Eastwood experienced a brighter stability with fewer bass, but it emphasised the simply click of the percussion which was not evident with the Audio-Technica. 

The most important situation with the Victrola, by the way, was not the seem or its reliable characteristics (Bluetooth, headphone out, onboard speaker), but that it was easy to harm the history with the lid hooked up. This was not an situation with the LP60X.

One particular matter you wouldn’t hope from an ultra-spending budget turntable is that the seem quality would scale with a lot more costly machines. Hook a audio jewellery box up to a expensive stereo process, for instance, and all you can hear is louder tinkling. The Audio-Technica, on the other hand, seriously shone with a a lot more costly process where by the bass in certain was capable to extend out.

Shifting to a dedicated phono stage presents a wonderful up grade path. With a Cambridge Audio Duo connected, the bass firmed up and the upper registers came into a clearer concentrate. I haven’t read the Schitt Mani but it does not appear unreasonable to spend the very same as the Audio-Technica yet again on a great phono preamp — specially when the AT now presents you so much turntable for so minor.

Uncomplicated like Sunday morning

If you have a pair of active speakers, like the excellent Klipsch R-15PM, or a tabletop speaker with an auxiliary enter like the Google House Max, then the Audio-Technica AT-LP60X can seriously enable total your process. It will also pair well with a a lot more contentional AV process for the occasional wind-down session, maybe with a snifter of port. It’s a seriously flexible and easy-to-are living-with turntable.

If you will not want to worry about acquiring on the unlimited turntable up grade coach, if you just want to participate in documents, then a established-and-forget design is what you ought to get. One particular hundred and twenty pounds is the minimum any one ought to spend on a turntable like that, and that turntable is the Audio-Technica AT-LP60X.

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