Apple patent describes a Mac that fits inside a keyboard

Victoria D. Doty

Strategies outlined in patents will not often stop up turning out to be genuine goods, but they can give us an exciting insight into what tech providers could be operating on – and it would seem Apple is acquiring a Mac that matches inside a keyboard.

This is primarily based on a patent noticed by Patently Apple (through 9to5Mac), entitled Personal computer In An Enter Gadget. Effectively, the crucial parts – processor, memory, storage – all get embedded inside a keyboard.

The idea is that you could acquire this keyboard with you as you move between the home and the place of work (or where ever it is that you will need a computer system), plug it into a show, and load up macOS. It really is form of a Mac mini, in a keyboard form.

Apple Magic Keyboard patent showing a computer inside a keyboard.

An graphic from the newly printed patent (Image credit score: Patently Apple/USPTO)

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