3DStyleNet: Creating 3D Shapes with Geometric and Texture Style Variations

Victoria D. Doty

Neural image design and style transfer allows every person to generate creative visuals. Yet, there are no equally prosperous approaches for design and style transfer for the 3D area.

A current paper addresses this need to have by introducing a process for 3D object stylization informed by a reference textured 3D form.

Picture credit: NeliaDesigns by way of Pixabay, no cost licence

The model imitates the in general geometric design and style of the target form by predicting a part-mindful affine transformation field that warps a resource form. In buy to transfer geometric design and style jointly with texture design and style, the geometric design and style network is jointly optimized with a pre-experienced image design and style transfer network making use of losses defined above multi-perspective rendering manufactured by a differentiable renderer.

A person review confirmed that the proposed approach produces greater results than a sturdy baseline. The review yields a form generation software that can be made use of by naive consumers for 3D articles generation.

We suggest a process to generate plausible geometric and texture design and style variations of 3D objects in the quest to democratize 3D articles generation. Provided a pair of textured resource and target objects, our process predicts a part-mindful affine transformation field that the natural way warps the resource form to imitate the in general geometric design and style of the target. In addition, the texture design and style of the target is transferred to the warped resource object with the support of a multi-perspective differentiable renderer. Our model, 3DStyleNet, is composed of two sub-networks experienced in two levels. Very first, the geometric design and style network is experienced on a large set of untextured 3D styles. Second, we jointly enhance our geometric design and style network and a pre-experienced image design and style transfer network with losses defined above equally the geometry and the rendering of the outcome. Provided a smaller set of significant-top quality textured objects, our process can generate quite a few novel stylized styles, resulting in effortless 3D articles generation and design and style-ware info augmentation. We showcase our approach qualitatively on 3D articles stylization, and supply person studies to validate the top quality of our results. In addition, our process can provide as a important software to generate 3D info augmentations for personal computer vision duties. Extensive quantitative investigation reveals that 3DStyleNet outperforms option info augmentation strategies for the downstream process of one-image 3D reconstruction.

Exploration paper: Yin, K., Gao, J., Shugrina, M., Khamis, S., and Fidler, S., “3DStyleNet: Generating 3D Styles with Geometric and Texture Design and style Variations”, 2021. Hyperlink to the write-up: https://arxiv.org/abs/2108.12958

Hyperlink to the task website: https://nv-tlabs.github.io/3DStyleNet/

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