3 cloud architecture secrets your cloud provider won’t tell you

Do you have an optimized architecture? This means that your remedy maximizes effectiveness and minimizes expenses. You’ve picked the ideal cloud methods to configure the most effective storage systems, databases, and compute platforms—at minimum that is what you assume.

What I’m seeing out there, over and over once again, is the range of the completely wrong cloud methods for the completely wrong reasons. Cloud vendors are pushing a thing that maximizes their earnings somewhat than staying ideal for you. 

So, right here are a few cloud architecture secrets and techniques that you will by no means listen to from your cloud company:

Secret #one: Non-native methods are often far better than native ones

You’ve probably heard that it’s far better to go with a native database, cloudops procedure, or stability procedure that is part of a single community cloud presenting. Now that we have moved to a typically multicloud environment, that is just not the situation.   

It’s significantly far better to choose basic-reason and heterogeneous options that span community clouds as a substitute of a native remedy that is only very good on a single community cloud. You are going to by no means see this in the architecture guidebook offered by your cloud company. Non-native methods should be deemed every single and just about every time.   

Secret #2: Keep information in the cloud

Cloud options that rely on a large amount of information ingress and egress are just about by no means a very good notion. No brainer, thinking of that you will see information leaving and moving into a community cloud company on your regular monthly cloud bill, and it is not low-priced. Nevertheless, this is often ignored when thinking of a core architecture.   

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