2020 Ferrari F8 Tributo review: Somehow, it got better

Victoria D. Doty

2020 Ferrari F8 Tributo

It doesn’t scream for focus in its most refined color, but it will surely get a good deal.

Tim Stevens/Roadshow

How do you increase on perfection? For me, the Ferrari 488 GTB was a harmony of outrageous on-monitor performance and remarkably fantastic on-highway manners. It’s my beloved contemporary tremendous-sports activities car or truck.


  • Even extra ability
  • Astonishingly quick dealing with
  • Impeccable highway manners

You should not Like

  • Revised styling not for anyone
  • CarPlay fees how much?

And so I experienced some misgivings when taking supply of the F8 Tributo. Yeah, it has extra ability and fresh seems and a series of other tweaks that clearly set up it as the 488 successor it is really intended to be. But contemporary succession doesn’t essentially indicate improvement. Just take the 812 Superfast, for illustration. It’s outstanding to the Ferrari F12 Berlinetta that arrived just before in almost each way — and nevertheless I am not confident that I want the new 1. Quicker, better, sure, but also edgier and maybe even far too sharp.

I could not support but speculate irrespective of whether the F8 Tributo would experience the same destiny as I viewed it roll off the truck and into the true entire world. I was, at minimum, quickly confident I’d have no issues on the aesthetics entrance. When I usually liked the glimpse of the car or truck when I first noticed it in Geneva last 12 months, it is really not right until one thing measures out into the sunshine that you can truly get a fantastic glimpse at it. Right here, the F8 seems fantastic — even in the demure black this one’s been dipped in.

I’d in all probability go with one thing a little bit extra lively, myself, but the mix of darkish paint and people matte-silver, twenty-inch, twisted five-spoke wheels makes this factor glimpse indicate and very low. 

When the flat-billed nose up entrance is perhaps a little bit much for my preferences, taking the 488 Pista’s revised schnoz a little bit far too considerably, I obtain the Tributo’s most interesting angle to really be the rear. The significant diffuser and large-mounted dual exhaust aren’t much various than the 488, but the overall profile is considerably extra sculpted. The rear of the car or truck flows inward to current the four, round taillights, topped by a refined duck-bill spoiler.

2020 Ferrari F8 Tributo

All incredibly familiar in here, but that is barely a undesirable factor.

Tim Stevens/Roadshow

The major speaking place is the rear window. A giant slab of Lexan serves as the engine include, a popular function on Ferrari’s racier variants over the several years, but here it is really sliced a few moments to produce a glimpse that maybe nods again to the heroic haunches of the F40. In the procedure, people slices fully damage any idea of reward visibility, but that is a tiny sacrifice in the identify of elegance.

Bigger air intakes on the side feed the same 3.nine-liter, turbocharged V8 from the 488 Pista. Right here, like there, it makes a whopping 710 horsepower and 568 pound-toes of torque. That is close to 50 extra horses than the previous 488 GTB, more than enough to fall the official -to-sixty two-mph sprint by a tenth to just two.nine seconds.

On the within, changes are much extra refined but culminate in a apparent effect. Ferrari has mainly pushed everything fractionally down and away, lowering the console just a hair and shrinking the button-laden steering wheel. The overall effect is a car or truck that is subtly extra open and ethereal feeling than just before devoid of becoming radically various — though the adjust to Ferrari’s chunky, round HVAC vents is a definite improvement.

The occasion begins with the same, cherry-red “engine begin” button positioned on the reduce-remaining of the steering wheel. That 3.nine-liter V8 spins into lifetime with a quick bark and away you go. Initially impressions of the F8 Tributo on the highway come by the ultra-light-weight, telepathic steering, much like that on the 488 and 458 just before. This is a car or truck that is so utterly keen to change in at all moments, sharp more than enough to be approaching anxious, nevertheless normally settled and poised. Crucially, it is really never harsh.

2020 Ferrari F8 Tributo

The carbon-ceramic brakes labored exceptionally very well, even on this exceptionally chilly day.

Tim Stevens/Roadshow

My time with the F8 Tributo was expended in the early component of a spring that just failed to want to come, on roads continue to thawing and showing the result of a very long, harsh winter. In other phrases, they have been rough and unclean, nevertheless the F8 was normally confident, normally pleasant. It was a striking distinction from the Aston Martin Vantage I’d analyzed just the week just before, which was also participating and sharp (and black, coincidentally), but generally felt anxious and unrefined by comparison.

Inspite of the ultra-rigid Daytona seats (a $four,050 possibility), I would have gladly expended several hours touring the unusually quiet state roads in the F8 Tributo devoid of criticism. However, I in all probability would not have strayed far too considerably, as you will find proficiently zero storage in the factor. You and a person distinctive could things a weekend’s value of comfortable-sided luggage at the rear of the seats, but for just about anything longer you are going to have to ship your chauffeur on ahead.

I did not get to sample this taste of Ferrari on the monitor, I am sorry to say, but I have no doubt that it is really missing none of the performance of its predecessor. On the street, its further 50 hp is all but undetectable, but the further induction noise at the rear of your head will give you a good deal of incentive to make the most of it, just the same.

This is, immediately after all, a car or truck that is most comfy when becoming pushed. I really struggled to hold it at 35 mph by some of the scaled-down cities near my house, the cruise management unwilling to be bothered with this kind of trifling speeds. The carbon-ceramic brakes have been also a little bit hard to modulate at pedestrian velocities, but boy howdy did they make up for it when driven aggressively.

2020 Ferrari F8 Tributo

Occasionally analog is very best.

Tim Stevens/Roadshow

And what about the other creature comforts? Perfectly, contemporary options like adaptive cruise and blind-place monitoring are absent, but that truly should not be a surprise. The optional ($6,243) top quality sound procedure fills the petite cabin rather nicely with sound, though not as nicely as the 3.nine-liter sound procedure in the again. For a mere $four,219 you can have Apple CarPlay enabled, though continue to no Android Automobile.

The optional ($four,556) passenger show is expanded with extra functionality, enabling your passenger to see extra details about where you are likely and just how quickly you are likely to get there. It’s a little bit unnecessary, but presented the Tributo (like its predecessors) makes do devoid of a traditional infotainment center-stack of any form, this will at minimum give your passenger one thing to do in the unlikely condition they get bored along the way.

As you can tell by people possibility charges, this is not a car or truck to be procured lightly. The starting up price tag of a 2020 Ferrari F8 Tributo is $270,530. The car or truck you see analyzed here carried nearly $90,000 in cosmetic and performance possibilities, in addition a $1,300 fuel-guzzler tax and $3,750 supply, for a last charge of $360,796. No tiny check with by any signifies, but a really outstanding car or truck at any price tag.

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