10 Reasons Why You Should Own A Laptop

Nowadays, whenever you see images of people doing business, they are more often using a laptop. This is a significant change from a few years ago when people associated business work with large desktop computers. For those that have been in business for some time, the change has probably seemed quite gradual, but there was a point where suddenly laptop computers overtook their desktop counterparts as the preferred type of device. We discussed this with a company called TechQuarters, who provide managed IT services London businesses have been relying on for many years. Part of their services include equipping clients with devices, if they need them; one of the things they said they noticed over the years is the shift towards laptops as the most common type of device their clients tend to look for.

What Do Businesses Use Laptops For?

Laptops used to be considerably less functional and less powerful than desktop PCs. But, as technology progressed, laptops became more sophisticated. A lot of their disadvantages were wiped out, which meant their unique advantages could be more easily leveraged in business. For instance, according to TechQuarters, laptops were most useful in the last two years – when the Covid-19 pandemic compelled them to start working remotely. The use of portable devices made the transition a lot easier. Below are a few examples of how laptops are leveraged in the workplace.

Business Communication – In business, communication is key; and it comes via many different channels – such as emails, direct messaging, video calls, etc. Almost all types of business communication – apart from face-to-face communication – must be performed using a computer, hence the use of laptops. There is an extra advantage with laptops, because they are portable and therefore enable users to communicate more flexibly.

Content Creation – Another foundation of business is content creation. In recent years, people have come to think of content creation is exclusively for marketing and entertainment. However, writing a report, or producing a digital presentation, are both examples of content creation in business. Most laptops are suitable for these functions, and higher end laptops with more powerful hardware can also be used for more complex forms of content creation, such as video production.

Business Research – Computers in generally have played a huge part in advancing business research. With a computer, businesses have access to the whole of the internet – including digitized archives and libraries, search engines, and social media. Laptops are well-suited for performing digital business research; once again, they benefit from being portable, thus users can take their research with them.

Why Are Laptops The Best Device for Businesses? 

The points listed above are all fundamental reasons why laptops are good for businesses. But, as most will know, there are other options for computers and business devices nowadays; so, why are laptops the best option? There are some unique advantages with laptops that are worth considering.

Business Mobility – The mobile nature of laptops, balanced with the hardware capacity, gives them a unique advantage over desktop computers, and also over new age mobile devices like tablets and smartphones. When we asked TechQuarters, they gave us an example; they provide IT support Oxford Circus businesses rely on, which often means having to send technical engineers to their client’s sites. The laptop provides the perfect balance of power and portability for technical engineers that may need to perform some complex processes during their work in the field.

Business Flexibility – Since Covid-19 caused many businesses to send their employees home to work, the desire for business flexibility has greatly increased. But there are other reasons why a professional may need business flexibility – they might be a freelancer with clients spread across many different locations. Equally, there are sometimes events that are unpredictable, such as public transport strikes, or weather-based events that make it harder to travel. In those situations, have a laptop with you enables you to be flexible about where, and also when you are working.